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Reinisch Rose Garden & Doran Rock Garden

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  4. Rose Bushes
The Reinisch Rose Garden features more than 6,500 plants and 400 varieties of roses. The flowers are in bloom from May to October each year. Specifically, the Tulip blooms fill the rock garden the second and third weeks of April. Adjacent is the Logan Test Garden, a reflecting pool and the Doran Rock Garden. The annual flowers in the Rock Garden are at their best June through August.

The rose garden began as an idea of Topeka's first landscape architect and horticulturist, E. F. A. Reinisch, in 1926. However, the project was delayed because of funding issues. After Reinisch's death in 1929, Topeka Horticulture Society members established the garden, which was dedicated in June 1930. Its total cost came to $30,000, all privately donated. One of the largest contributors was Topeka attorney Thomas F. Doran, who served as chairman of the rose garden committee under Dr. Karl Menninger, founder of the Menninger Clinic and president of the Horticultural Society. The garden was designed by Chicago landscape architect Emmett Hill and landscape gardener L. R. Quinlan of the Kansas State Agriculture College. 

Weddings at the Rose Garden
Let nature be the backdrop for your special day.  Imagine the romantic beauty of your wedding in the Reinisch Rose Garden or the Doran Rock Garden. The peak blooming times for the 6,000 roses is late May into early June, and in early to mid-September. The Doran Rock Garden blooms with tulips in early to mid-April and annual flowers during the summer months. Seating is available for 150 people. 

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  • $140 per rental period