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Shunga Trail


  1. Concrete Path


The 8.5-mile Shunga Trail is a concrete bicycle/pedestrian path beginning at SW 29th and SW McClure (west of Fairlawn), continuing to the Deer Creek Trail at SE 2nd. Bicycle riders, skateboarders, and rollerbladers are reminded that walkers have the right-of-way and are asked to ride under control at all times.

Trail Lengths

 SW 29th and McClure to Fairlawn
 SW Fairlawn to SW Gage

.5 miles 
1.2 miles                       
 SW Gage to SW Washburn 2.13 miles
 SW Washburn to SW Topeka 1.5 miles
 SW Topeka to SE 10th 1 mile
 SE 10th to SE 2nd 2.7 miles