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$1.25 all riders


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Relive old memories and create new memories.  The mini-train has been an integral part of the sights and sounds of Gage Park for over 45 years.  Follow a mile-long scenic course through the heart of the park, as the engineer enlightens you on the history of Gage Park, and the many attractions that are available for you and your family to enjoy.

2015 Schedule (weather permitting)
 March 14-22 Spring Break  Monday-Saturday  10am-4:45pm
   Sunday      11am-4:45pm
 March 27-May 17   Friday & Saturday  10am-4:45pm
   Sunday      11am-4:45pm
 May 18-August 23 (open 7 days a week)
    Note: Friday's open until 7:45pm
 Monday-Saturday  10am-5:45pm
   Sunday  11am-5:45pm
August 28-November 1  Friday & Saturday 10am-4:45pm
  Sunday 11am-4:45pm